Discover Catbird: Handcrafted Sauces From Our Kitchen

Celebrate the flavors of the South with Catbird, the artisanal sauce venture by chef-restaurateur Bridget Meagher.

Surrounded by the beauty and bounty of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Meagher draws inspiration from her New Orleans roots to craft sauces that will elevate every dish.  Enhancing the taste of local, sustainably farmed ingredients by naturally fermenting and aging her sauces is her number one priority. "My goal is to create crave-worthy flavors that transform your food experience," says Meagher. With Catbird, she invites you on a culinary journey that celebrates taste and tradition.

Experience the next level of flavor with Catbird's handcrafted sauces – elevate your culinary creations today!

"We are honored to let you know that your Sriracha Hot Sauce received one of the top scores in our 2020 Good Food Awards Blind Tasting. Our judges tasted nearly 2,000 entries this year, so yours is an impressive achievement." -The Good Food Foundation