Indulge in the elevated flavors of our artisan sauces, crafted by hand with care. Immerse your taste buds in the richness of locally grown and sourced, all natural and organic ingredients, handmade and bottled without preservatives.

Award winning pioneer Virginia restaurateur and chef, Bridget Meagher, founded the Catbird Sauce Company in 2018. Catbird's signature Vahotcha Sriracha Hot Sauce was named a 2021 Good Food Awards finalist after competition in their blind tasting in San Francisco. Our Sriracha is made from peppers that are grown in Central Virginia, fermented, aged, and packaged west of Charlottesville in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

At Catbird we want to make a difference in our customers’ sauce experience and be drivers of change in the food industry. As a chef owned, farm based company frustrated by the lack of quality condiments on retail shelves we sought to forge a new path focused on using the freshest, high quality, local products to create carefully crafted sauces that will alter the landscape of our customers’ food enjoyment. We are on a mission to deliver next level flavors to people who love to eat and love to cook. Our goal is to support local farmers and inspire consumers by delivering next level sauces for adventurous cooks and food lovers.Taste the difference!